Jamón Ibérico de Bellota - Sliced

Country of Origin: Spain
City / Village: La Aberca

We are proud to offer true Jamón Ibérico, made from the meat of the famed Ibérico pig in the small village of La Alberca in the region of Castille y Leon in Spain. This is the primary pork product of infatuation in Spain.  However, the absolute holy grail of Ibérico is Ibérico de Bellota. 

Every Bellota pig has its own acre of land, located in a wide open area called the Dehesa. The pigs live in this environment for two years, until they are fattened during the Montanera season.  This is when the holm and cork oak trees drop their fat acorns and the pigs gorge themselves.  The combination of open space to roam and a diet of rich acorns creates an even distribution of silky fat throughout the meat, resulting in a flavor and texture unlike any other ham.

The extensive marbling makes for an incredibly silky texture, and the flavor is meaty and salty, but with a sweet and faintly fruity, nutty finish. The pigs are slaughtered (sacrificed is the word the Spanish like to use) and the legs are cured and aged for between two and four years.

Jamón Ibérico constitutes only about 5% of the total Jamón production in Spain, and Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is only 10% of the those Ibérico hams. For more information on what makes this Jamon so amazing, please visit https://www.formaggiokitchen.com/education/jamon

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Jamón Ibérico de Bellota - Sliced
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