Smoked Salmon, hand sliced

A half-pound package of luscious hand-sliced smoked salmon. This Scottish salmon is prepared using a recipe that was created for famed chef Daniel Boulud. The fish is cured with a brine of imported French sea salt, seaweed, and unrefined cane sugar. It is then slowly cold-smoked over fruit wood for four days. The result is a smooth buttery texture with a wonderfully pure flavor.

This tender salmon is a crowd-favorite for brunch when paired with pumpernickel bread, capers, cream cheese and purple onion. Or for more formal occasions, top a slice with creme fraiche and your favorite caviar.

We also offer this salmon as a whole, unsliced side - please call us for pricing.

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Smoked Salmon, hand sliced
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Price: $19.98 / ½ lb
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