Chocolat Durand (32pc)

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: France
Region: Brittany
City / Village: Rennes

Madame Roussel sends us a selection of 32 of her exquisite Durand chocolate pieces in a beautifully packaged box. As with all of the Durand chocolates, the feedback from our customers has been excellent as they rave about the quality of the chocolate, the unique diversity of flavorings and the beautiful packaging. The packaging varies from season to season and we import during the cooler months October through May. We love to take these out at a party and guess the flavors using the box insert guide to see how good our taste buds are. Each piece is numbered to correspond to its flavors.

This selection includes:

#1 dark chocolate (70%), #2 dark chocolate & fresh orange zest, #3 dark chocolate and arabica coffe, #4 milk chocolate, fresh sage and orange zest, #5 milk chocolate with Earl Grey tea from Dammann, #6 milk chocolate with cinnamon Christmas tea, #7 milk chocolate with Jasmin tea Chung Hao from Dammann, #8 milk chocolate with Sicilian pistachio, #9 milk chocolate and fresh mint, #10 milk chocolate & Provencal lavender, #11, milk chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon, Tahitian vanilla and lemon zest, #12 white chocolate and natural liquorice, #13 dark chocolate & fresh wormwood leaves, #14 milk chocolate & caramel made with salted butter from Brittany, #15 dark chocolate, arabica coffee and green cardamon, #16 milk chocolate & sun-dried Tahitian vanilla, #17 dark chocolate and homemade hazelnut praline, #18 dark chocolate & homemade almond praline, #19 dark chocolate with homemade almond praline with coriander, #20 dark chocolate, red espelette pepper and bitter arbutus honey from Corsica, #21 dark chocolate and fresh thyme, #22 dark chocolate, arabica coffee and whiskey cream, #23 dark chocolate, cloves and zest of fresh lemon, #24 dark chocolate and a blend of Chinese peppers, #25 dark chocolate & fresh raspberry pulp, #26 milk chocolate and Corsican chestnut liquor, #27 dark chocolate & fresh rosemary, #28 white chocolate, fresh basil & lemon zest, #29 dark chocolate, fresh ginger and citronella, #30 dark chocolate (70%) & crushed cocoa nibs. To get to the total of 32 pieces, two of the flavors are duplicated.

Produced By: Durand Chocolatier
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Chocolat Durand (32pc)
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