Bonizzoni Millefiori Oltrepo Pavese Honey - 500g

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Lombardy

Immediately after the Acacia collection in early June more than two hundred hives spend two weeks in Oltrepo Pavese gathering blooms typical of plains and low hills: blackberry, ailanthus, clover, linden and sweet clover.

The characteristics of this honey vary from year to year. Based on the prevailing flower, the honey has a more or less clear color. Typically, the honey has a delicate scent and a mild flavor. This honey crystallizes rapidly in about two months after harvest.

If the year has produced a mild version of the honey, it is excellent as a sweetener. If the flavor is more pronounced, pair it with cheese of medium aging such as Pecorino Morchiato.

Produced By: Azienda Agricola Luca Bonizzoni
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Bonizzoni Millefiori Oltrepo Pavese Honey - 500g
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