Stumptown Coffee and Mast Brothers Chocolate

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Stumptown Coffee is based in Portland, Oregon, but operates a small roastery in Brooklyn. We source our beans from their Brooklyn facility and get small deliveries of fresh beans every other week.

Since their start in 1999, Stumptown has been at the forefront of the artisan coffee movement in this country. They source beans from all over the world and, in their own words,

...each sample gets sniffed, slurped up and vetted through silver spoons hundreds of times a day in our cupping laboratory. The delicate hand-picked seeds containing sugars and natural perfumes are roasted in our old-school, cast-iron German Probat machines. The green beans go through a metamorphosis in the hands of our roasters who guide them through a constant evaluation of colors, aromas, sounds, and shapes while tumbling through our vintage double-walled steel drum roasters. Finally, the beans are released out into the world when sweetness and nuance meet up in our cooling trays. The coffee literally sings.

We couldn't agree more.

Also hailing from Brooklyn, Mast Brothers, Michael and Rick, make chocolate from bean to bar with incredible results. They regularly open their workshop for tours and we think you would be as impressed as we were when we visited. They place a strong emphasis on curiosity - as Michael has said, "we don't take anything for granted, we question everything we do." This extends from the beans they source, to the texture of the paper they use to hand-wrap each bar. Rick has stated, "we're looking for an inconsistent product so your tastebuds are not only enjoying the sensuality of it but they're also learning - your brain is learning something while you eat it."

In this bundle, we combine a 12-ounce bag of Stumptown Coffee beans with a 2.5-ounce bar of Mast Brothers chocolate. A bang-up pairing if we do say so, ourselves!

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Stumptown Coffee and Mast Brothers Chocolate
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