Llanut - 8 oz

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: Spain
Region: Catalonia
Type of Milk: Sheep
Cheese Style: Mold-ripened
Flavor Profile: Medium-strong

Likely the most unique cheese in our cheese case, this petite disc of sheep milk cheese is wrapped in sheep wool as it ages. This practice started as a way to make use of the wool shorn from the same sheep that provide the milk for the cheese, as well as an experiment to see if the wool imparted any aroma to the cheese. As it turned out, not only did the wool impart aroma, but the fluffy cloud of wool also prevented the cheese from drying out as it aged.

The flavor of Llanut is rich and creamy when fully ripe with notes of hay and with a slight bitterness on the finish, which is typical of cheeses made using thistle rennet. 

As a practical matter, it is best to pull the wool back and cut the top off this cheese and scoop out servings from the center. This way, the wool doesn't get into the paste of the cheese.

This farmstead cheese is made using milk (and wool!) from the endangered Ripollesa breed of sheep, which graze on just over 200 acres of lush pastures. This breed produces exceptional quality milk but at a very low volume (.5 liter per day vs 2 liters per day for most commercial breeds). The cheese is made using vegetable rennet made from the wild thistles (Cynara cardunculus) that grow in the same pastures.

Please note, supplies of this cheese are very limited! If we happen to be out of stock, please call us at 1-888-212-3224 to reserve yours from the latest batch.

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Llanut - 8 oz
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