Peppercorns (mixed) - 4oz pkg.


Peppercorns are the fruits from the Piper nigrum plant, a flowering plant found in tropical climates, and also in Southern India and especially Vietnam (which accounts for over 34% of the world's production!) These fruits, when dried, form in to the small, hard peppercorns we recognize today. Peppercorns can be found in any of their drying stages - white (unripe fruit seeds), green (dried, unripened fruit), and black (dried and cooked fruit.) Ground pepper gets it's heat from the chemical piperine, which differs from capsaicin, the chemical found in fleshy hot chili peppers.

Please note our spices are listed by volume, not weight, unless otherwise specified.

This is a blend of black Tellicherry, white, green, and pink peppercorns for a colorful mix which, when ground together, gives a more complex heat than what you get from any of the individual peppercorns.

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Peppercorns (mixed) - 4oz pkg.
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