Mast Brothers Chocolate, Almonds - 70g

Country of Origin: United States
Region: New York
City / Village: Brooklyn

The Mast Brothers out of Brooklyn, New York have a devout following (ourselves included) thanks to their total commitment to every step from bean to bar. Their uniquely packaged, handcrafted chocolates are truly elegant.

Made using a base of 74% cacao of various origins, roasted, cracked and winnowed before being stone-ground to a smooth texture. Almonds, grown on Anderson Farm in California are tossed with Frankies olive oil and carefully roasted to release the most flavor. The almonds are then blended with the chocolate, formed into bars and hand-wrapped using Mast's unique decorated paper.

Produced By: Mast Brothers Chocolate
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Mast Brothers Chocolate, Almonds - 70g
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