Bonilla a la Vista Olive Oil Potato Chips - 500g

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: Spain
Region: Galicia
City / Village: A Coruña

When travelling to Barcelona, Ihsan and Valerie happened upon a small shop stocked with a multitude of striking white cans full of potato chips. 

After tasting them, they discovered the source and made contact to see if we could bring them to the United States. Three months later, we brought in our first shipment.

The potatoes are of the name-controlled Xinzo de Lima (Kennebec) variety which is carefully selected for the perfect balance of sugars and starch. The potatoes are cooked in olive oil and have a light dusting of salt.

Produced By: Bonilla a la Vista
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Bonilla a la Vista Olive Oil Potato Chips - 500g
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