Potter's Crackers - Wheat

Country of Origin: United States
Region: Wisconsin
City / Village: Madison

These are one of our favorite crackers to pair with cheese.  Slightly more earthy in flavor than Potter's White Cracker, they are similarly versatile, crisp and flavorful.  They balance well with a full spectrum of cheeses - from young, tangy goats' milk chevres to punchy blues. 

In addition to tasting delicious, Potter's Crackers have an excellent pedigree.  Made by a mother and son team, Peter Potter Weber and Nancy Potter, in Madison, WI, the stated mission of the bakery is to "sustainably produce organic crackers of the highest quality." 

They are 100% certified organic and use ingredients local to the bakery: milk, butter and Wisconsin-milled whole wheat.

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Potter's Crackers - Wheat
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