Butternut Squash Seed Oil - 187ml

Country of Origin: United States
Region: New York
City / Village: Geneva

For years we've enjoyed using pumpkin seed oil from Austria for the deep toasty flavors it adds to many dishes.  This butternut squash seed oil is our new favorite.  It is produced in upstate New York in tiny batches by drying, roasting and cold pressing the seeds of butternut squash from a nearby farm.

The oil has a beautiful deep amber color with golden highlights and the aroma is intense and complex with nutty notes of roasted squash.  We love to use this oil as a finish on soups and salads but it also has a high enough smoke point (a bit higher than olive oil) to be used for sautéeing vegetables.

Produced By: Stonybrook Wholehearted Foods
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Butternut Squash Seed Oil - 187ml
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