Xertoli Zarzuela Olive Oil - 500ml

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: Spain
Region: Catalonia

The Xertoli extra virgin olive oils are all about finesse. Using a blend of Sevillenca, Farga and Morruda olives, this oil is unique to the regions of Baix Ebre and MontsiÓ where the original Iberians are believed to have planted some of the earliest Catalonian olive groves.

Trees ranging from 100 to 1000 years old bear the olives that are harvested by hand then pressed within six hours of harvest to preserve the precious flavors, aromas and health benefits of the oil.

The Zarzuela blend is similar to the exceptional Coupage, but it is made using slightly riper olives that give the oil a bit more density, a richer mouthfeel and riper aromas and flavors.

The color is a beautiful golden-green with notes of ripe apple, green almond and olive.

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Xertoli Zarzuela Olive Oil - 500ml
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