Tranquil Tuesdays Keemun Black Tea - 50g

Country of Origin: China
Region: Anhui
City / Village: Qimen

Grown in the Qimen region of Anhui province of eastern China, Qimen black tea, or Keemun is traditionally used as the base of the classic English Breakfast teas.

However, when you find a really good Keemun such as this, you do not blend it. Rather you enjoy it as an expression of place and the artistry of hand-crafted tea.

This is a wonderfully robust, full-bodied, and rich brew. Discover hints of chocolate, lightly smoky notes, and a smooth finish. Black tea gets a bad rap for the plethora of bagged dusty bits of low quality tea sold around the world. This tea demonstrates just how exceptional black tea can be.

We recommend a pre-steep where you douse the leaves in the brewing water (at brewing temperature) for 10 seconds before pouring off the water. Start brewing for a shorter period and build up to a longer period that suits your taste. Brew with clean, fresh water at 212 F for up to 3 minutes.

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Tranquil Tuesdays Keemun Black Tea - 50g
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