Fusilli Pasta di Saragolla - 500g

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Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Abruzzo
City / Village: Controguerra

The name fusilli comes from a Neopolitan dialect term fuso which was a spindle of sorts along which the original fusilli shape would be made. The original fusilli shape has much more in common with ceppe than with today's modern variation. The modern fusilli shape is a twisted flattened corkscrew of sorts that holds sauces very well. This wholegrain pasta should be cooked until there is still a touch of firmness when bitten and then finished them with whatever sauce you are using.

This pasta is organically produced in the town of Controguerra in the Teramo province of Northern Abruzzo (just below Le Marche). The Gioie di Fattoria farm is run by Giulio Amadio. Giulio grows wheat, olives and grapes all of which are grown organically and each of which is transformed into incredible pasta, olive oil and wine.

For this pasta, he uses an ancient and traditional wheat variety called Saragolla: an ancestor of modern durum wheat cereals. It was introduced in Abruzzo by people who came from Egypt in 400 AD. The Persian word Zarg for sun became Sarg meaning yellow and the ending -golla comes from the word golyo meaning stone or seed.

This wheat has many of the characteristics of Kamut wheat (which is nothing more than a brand name today) including a higher content of proteins, lipids and minerals and a lower glycemic index than more modern forms of durum wheat. We carry the following cuts of pasta made with Saragolla wheat: bucatini, ceppe, linguine, mezzemaniche, penne, spaghetti, strascinati, tagliatelle and troccoli.

Giulio also grows a particular type of farro (spelt) called Livesa Rossa (red spelt) which he turns into farro flour and farro pasta. Gemma swears by this as the best farro pasta she’s had. We have the following cuts: conchiglie, mezzemaniche, penne and spaghetti.

Giulio also produces olive oil and tomato passata (simple crushed tomato sauce).

Produced By: Gioie di Fattoria
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Fusilli Pasta di Saragolla - 500g
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