Katz Rock Hill Ranch Olive Oil

Country of Origin: United States
Region: California
Flavor Profile: Medium-strong

KATZ Rock Hill Ranch olive oil is hand harvested and bottled unfiltered. The oil shows off it's aroma of grassy and floral overtones with a rich, lush mouth feel ending with a pleasantly pungent finish that announces its freshness.

Katz Rock Hill Ranch compliments simple fish, poultry and vegetable dishes, livens up a risotto with wild mushrooms or polenta with braised greens, or makes a bold fruity dressing for arugula or spinach salads.  All of the fruit in this olive oil comes from an organically farmed ranch that sits on the southern tip of Suisun Valley, California.

KATZ Rock Hill Ranch Organic Extra Virgin California Olive Oil contains the following olive varieties:  80%Taggiasca and Casaliva,  10% Allegra and 10% Leccino.

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Katz Rock Hill Ranch Olive Oil
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