Leonardi Saba - 250ml

Country of Origin: Italy

In Italy years ago, sugar was an expensive luxury, but grapes were plentiful. For this reason, Saba (also known as mosto cotto, vin cotto in the South and sapa) was used instead. In her book, "The Italian Country Table," Lynn Rosetto Kaspar quotes a Sicilian woman as saying, “Sugar sweetens, vin cotto flavors.”

Saba is the result of reduction of the Trebbiano and Lambrusco grape must by simmering in copper kettles over an open flame. Using the same grapes as in Balsamic, the reduction is accomplished entirely by cooking whereas with Balsamic, the reduction is accomplished very slowly by evaporation in wooden casks. While the Saba is aged after being cooked it is only aged for two years in chestnut and oak barrels.

This traditional specialty is used in many ways, limited only by your culinary imagination: As a drink when diluted with sparkling water, over shaved ice (granita), over ice cream, to sweeten breads and cookies, as a condiment on beans or polenta, or added to ricotta or yogurt. Add it to your tomato sauce instead of sugar to create an exceptional sauce. When fresh fruits are in season, serve sliced with a little Saba drizzled on top.

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Leonardi Saba - 250ml
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