Dammann Assam Superior GFOP Tea

Country of Origin: India
Region: Assam

The Assam region in north-east India is the world's largest tea growing region in the world. The tea is known for its full flavor without being overly tannic and is an important ingredient in popular "breakfast" blends. The GBOP (Golden Broken Orange Pekoe) is a reference to the larger size of the leaf that is rolled lengthwise (Orange Pekoe - pronounced "pek-oh") and the fact that the broken tea contains some of the golden tips of the tea leaf. The tips have a mellowing effect on the tea which gives a smoother flavor while maintaining the classic briskness of the Assam. This tea is by far our best seller and is perfect enjoyed at any time of day - with an essential dash of milk. Recommended steep time is 4-5 minutes.

Produced By: Dammann Freres
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Dammann Assam Superior GFOP Tea
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