Floriano Melata di Abete Honey - 500g

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Piedmont
City / Village: Elva
Flavor Profile: Strong

From Apicoltura Floriano Turco in the town of Elva amidst the Italian Alps near the border with France. These honeys are true artisanal products where one man tends to his hives, collects the comb and produces some of the best varietal honeys we have tasted.

All of his honey is certified by BioCert for its adherence to sustainable agricultural standards (an EU designation comparable to the U.S. organic, but with much more stringent requirements).

The Melata di Abete is unique among honeys in that it is not a blossom honey. Instead, it is the collection of excretion from the alpine spruce trees that is transformed by the bees into this thick syrup. Melata is known for its high mineral content and is said to have health benefits beyond those found in blossom honeys. We find that this honey has prominent flavors of molasses and balsam.

Produced By: Apicoltura Turco Floriano
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Floriano Melata di Abete Honey - 500g
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