Brebis du Haut-Bearn and Black Cherry Jam

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: France
Region: Pyrénées-Atlantiques
Type of Milk: Sheep
Cheese Style: Firm
Flavor Profile: Medium

Enjoy a traditional pairing from the south of France! We pair a half-pound of Brebis Haut-Bearn with a jar of black cherries - a classic combination in the Pyrenees.

We discovered Brebis du Haut-Bearn on a trip to the region. Made with raw sheep milk, it is one of the best representations of this style of cheese we have found. Aged for seven months, it offers a firm texture with flavors of herbs and hay, and a little zip on the finish.

The cerises noires preserves are made with whole black cherries, cooked gently with just a touch of sugar so the flavor of the fruit really comes through. For many people, the combination of sheep milk cheese and black cherries is a revelation!

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Brebis du Haut-Bearn and Black Cherry Jam
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