Comté Les Granges

Country of Origin: France
Region: Franche-Comté
City / Village: Pontarlier
Type of Milk: Cow
Flavor Profile: Medium

Our work with Marcel Petite has introduced us to many wonderful cheeses, and this younger Comté is one of our favorites.  Marcel Petite uses two aging facilities - one in the old munitions fort called Fort Saint Antoine and the other is Les Granges.  Each location offers a specific aging environment best suited to the cheeses that are hand selected by Claude - the master taster (chef du cave).

Comte Les Granges is aged 12-14 months for a dense texture and mildly fruity flavor - not as complex as the other Marcel Petite cheeses, but we find it perfect for sandwiches and fondue.

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Produced By: Marcel Petite
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Comté Les Granges
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