Roquefort Carles

Country of Origin: France
Region: Midi-Pyrénées
Type of Milk: Sheep
Cheese Style: Blue
Flavor Profile: Strong

Roquefort is made from the milk of sheep that graze on the diverse grasses and wildflowers that grow on the limestone plateaus found in the Aveyron. The cheese is ripened in the natural damp and airy caves found under the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon.

Roquefort Carles is one of seven small producers of this style of cheese. It is a family run operation that maintains the strictest adherence to the traditional methods for hand-making this amazing cheese. The taste of Roquefort is complex; soft, creamy, slightly salty, with an after taste that leaves the palate craving more. Roquefort marries extremely well with nuts and figs, and is traditionally paired with the sweet Sauterne wine.

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Roquefort Carles
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