Ph.D. in Cheeseology

Country of Origin: Various

This course of study is one any student can appreciate! Consider this sampler as Cheese 101 - a selection of cheeses with a variety of tastes and textures sure to inspire further study. Included is Chevrot - a dense and flavorful French chevre, a ripe and unctuous Camembert, approximately one half-pound of Brebis - an aged sheep's milk cheese from the Pyrenees, and approximately one half-pound of Pecorino Caggiano - a rich and sharp sheep milk cheese from Southern Italy. We also include a slice of sweet Spanish quince paste and two types of crackers - a thick crostini cracker from Italy, and a bag of traditional taralli.

In the event an item is not available, we will substitute a similar product of equal or greater value.

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Ph.D. in Cheeseology
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