Country of Origin: England
Region: Nottinghamshire
City / Village: Mansfield
Type of Milk: Cow
Cheese Style: Blue
Flavor Profile: Strong

Since 1989, the milk used to make Stilton must be pasteurized by law.  Born out of a desire to rekindle the memory of the wonderful raw-milk Stiltons, Randolph Hodgson of Neal’s Yard Dairy and American cheese maker Joe Snyder started making the first batches of what would become Stichelton. 

In the early, rough stages of production, the cheese was called Worksop Blue so that they could work out any kinks without harming what would become the prestigious name Stichelton. The name Stichelton itself comes from the ancient name of the village that would eventually be known as Stilton. 

Stichelton is the only traditional, raw millk Stilton in the world. We always love the chewy yet creamy texture, and pronounced notes of grass and brioche. The buttery, layered flavors seem to go on and on.

Paired with a nice glass of port, Stichelton makes the perfect end to any meal.

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