Connoisseur Cheese Club

Country of Origin: Various

We've designed this cheese of the month offering for the ultimate cheese lover. We will select four of our most compelling cheeses each month, and pack them up with a wonderful accompaniment. Our selections vary month to month depending upon which cheeses are in season and what is looking its best at that time. Each monthly selection of cheese will be approximately two pounds in total weight. Each cheese is carefully wrapped in our cheese paper and packed in an insulated box with cold packs. Typically we will include a selection of milks and textures: cow's milk, goat's milk, sheep milk and a blue, although this may vary depending on season and theme.

Monthly installments arrive the last Thursday or Friday of each month. Please note that, due to the volume of participants, we are unable to accommodate specific delivery date requests.

The price displayed at the top of this page is for the three month club. You may choose a 6 month or a full-year club option for the additional cost noted by using the drop-down menu below.Shipping for each delivery is included in the one-time charge.

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Connoisseur Cheese Club
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