Monterey Fresh Chèvre

Country of Origin: United States
Region: Massachusetts
City / Village: Monterey
Type of Milk: Goat
Cheese Style: Fresh-unripened
Flavor Profile: Mild

Monterey Chèvre comes to us from cheesemaker Susan Sellew of Rawson Brook Farm in the beautiful Berkshires of western Massachusetts. 

Susan has been making cheese for over 30 years and this experience shows in terms of flavor and texture, both of which are spot on! She milks only three goats at a time, causing them less stress and keeping the quality of the milk extremely high. The fresh milk is then quickly moved to the vat, and transformed into curd and from curd into cheese. 

Monterey Chèvre is everything we look for in a fresh goat milk cheese: light, fresh, tangy - spreadable yet also a cheese you can crumble onto the top of a quiche or a salad.

Susan manages Rawson Brook Farm on a seasonal basis - cheesemaking generally starts up in early April and continues through mid-December. After the goats are bred in October, milk and, subsequently, cheese production starts a steady decline. This is followed by a short dry spell until the goats give birth, and fresh milk is once again readily available. Rawson Brook Farm is very small, and Susan’s cheese is not commonly found outside of the Berkshires. We feel lucky that she has decided to share a portion of her production with us. Seasonal availability.

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Monterey Fresh Chèvre
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