EH Chocolatier 9 pc Assortment

Country of Origin: United States
Region: Massachusetts
City / Village: Somerville

This box contains an assortment of EH Chocolatier's finest chocolate bon bons. Petite, decorated squares offer flavors of dark chocolate flavored with a variety of ingredients including fresh herbs (locally sourced where possible), Penzey's spices, Rishi teas and fruit purees from France.

Elaine Hsieh (pronounced SEE-ya) and her partner, Catherine Sweeney, first met when a mutual friend asked them to work together to make her wedding cake. A few years later, their passion for chocolate brought them back together again.  Based down the street from our shop, in Somerville, they make small batches of truffles and caramels by hand. All chocolates are made to order to ensure freshness. Elaine and Catharine work with single plantation and varietal chocolates sourced from Michel Cluizel, Valrhona, E. Guittard, and El Rey.

Produced By: EH Chocolatier
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EH Chocolatier 9 pc Assortment
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