Spaventapasseri Mostarda di Peperoni - 230g

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Piedmont
City / Village: Mombaruzzo

Julie, the wine buyer for our South End shop, discovered this tiny producer of confettura, mostarda and sauces when she visited Vin Italy in 2004. Lo Spaventapasseri is part of the Trimilii group - mostly wine producers who abide by organic principles in their production. The word Spaventapasseri means scarecrow in Italian and the name reflects the rustic agricultural foundation of the business that Simone and Cristina Roveglia have created.

They are located in Piedmont in the region of Asti in the town of Mombaruzzo where their organic ingredients are all grown on their land.

This unique mostarda is different from the mostardas you may be familiar with. It is a blend of all organic ingredients - peppers, honey, raisins, salt and vanilla seeds. It has a slight heat to it that is nicely complemented by the honey, raisins and vanilla.

Produced By: Lo Spaventapasseri
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Spaventapasseri Mostarda di Peperoni - 230g
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