Quince Paste (Membrillo / Cotognata) - 1 lb.


This confection is called Membrillo in Spanish and Cotognata in Italian. Both products are made from the quince fruit which, when cooked slowly with the right amount of sugar and lemon juice becomes a sticky paste with beautifully deeply sweet flavors.

In Spain this condiment is paired with a number of cheeses, but most famously with Manchego. In Italy, it is paired with fresh robiola or sharper pecorinos. We happen to love it paired with stronger goats or blue cheeses as a perfect foil to their bright and sharp flavors.

Quince paste is similar to La Senapata, but without the intensity of the mustard spice.

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Quince Paste (Membrillo / Cotognata) - 1 lb.
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