La Guinelle White Banyuls Vinegar - 250ml

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Country of Origin: France
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
City / Village: Cosprons

This rare vinegar is hand-made by Nathalie Herre and Michel Giurt in the town of Cosprons in the South of France.á The region is particularly well known for its wines, including Muscat de Rivesaltes, Collioure and Banyuls.á One taste of this Banyuls Blanc and we were hooked - in fact one whiff of its delicate floral bouquet and we were hooked.

Banyuls Blanc is very rare compared to traditional red Banyuls. The wine they use for this vinegar is 100% grenache gris.á The process for making the vinegar is the same as with the red, aging the wine outside in oak barrels exposed to the natural elements where it will naturally acetify in the heat and air of the mediterranean environment.á Following acetification, they move the vinegar to glass bottles where the sun helps the vinegar develop its color and a roundess to its flavors.

It has a faint blush of rose color with a silky mouthfeel.á The nose is beautifully floral, with a touch of grapefruit and berries, balanced with a clean bright acidity.á These are delicate flavors, not as deep as the red banyuls vinegar, and are more suited to pairings with fresh fruits, vegetables or fish.

Produced By: La Guinelle
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La Guinelle White Banyuls Vinegar - 250ml
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