Mulino Marino Coarse Organic Yellow Corn Meal - 1kg

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Piedmont
City / Village: Cossano Belbo

Produced by the Marino family in the town of Cossano Belbo, in the Piedmont region of Italy. Mulino Marino uses exclusively organic grains for their flours. For everything but their type 0 and type 00 flours, they use ancient millstones that have been passed down from generation to generation. The stone grinding preserves essential components that add to nutritional value and flavor of the flours.

Their cornmeal is ground from otto file corn or 8 row flint corn which is an heirloom variety prized for its beautiful golden color and wonderfully deep aroma and flavor.

The coarse grind of this cornmeal provides a crunchy texture and a pronounced corn flavor. Use this to make the traditional Italian polenta. It can be prepared in as little as 45 minutes but traditionalists will tell you that the best flavor comes from very slow cooking and constant stirring for 90 minutes (open fire and copper pot don't hurt either!). Use 200 g. of corn meal per liter of water.

Produced By: Mulino Marino
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Mulino Marino Coarse Organic Yellow Corn Meal - 1kg
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