Salty Oats, Pecan Chocolate Chunk - 6pk

Country of Origin: United States
Region: Massachusetts
City / Village: Barnstable

Salty Oats cookies are made by Teri Horn on Cape Cod, originally as a way  to satisfy a craving she had while kayaking  These big and hearty cookies are a staff favorite.  Their "subtly sweet, curiously salty" flavor is highly addictive.

The Pecan Chocolate chunk is like a sibling of the cocoa and the original oatmeal raisin - like the original, it has a golden complexion and is full of chewy oats, but like the cocoa cookie, it has a bit of coconut and chocolate chunks - and then there are the pecans, which bring it very much into its own dimension.

Produced By: Kayak Cookies
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Salty Oats, Pecan Chocolate Chunk - 6pk
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