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Country of Origin: Various

This salt sampler was such a success in the 2010 holiday season that we decided to make it an annual offering! Each salt is carefully selected by our spice buyer to give a cross section of textures, colors and flavors. Each salt bears the elements of the region from which it originates and brings unique nuances to any dish. Used as a rub, or sprinkled at the table.

Australian Murray River Salt: Salt collected from the briny depths of the Murray River basin in Australia which has its source in the Australian Alps to the southeast. This is a light, flaky salt with a rosy pink color. It has a mild saltiness and a crunchy texture that makes it a perfect finishing salt - especially on top of a white fish dish to create a beautiful contrast in colors.

Bali “Kechil” Pyramid Sea Salt: Earth, wind, fire and water join to create a natural union that determines the unique crystal character of each salt grain. These small, hollow, coarse pyramids appear during periods of hot mornings and rainy afternoons. Because of the crunch created by the hollow pyramid shape, we love to use this salt on any chocolate confection from truffles to brownies. 

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt: This salt combines a hearty crunch with high-quality, activated charcoal (a natural anti-toxin and digestive aid). Use this lovely Pacific Ocean sea salt on everything to add dramatic texture and color. Perfect on steak, roasts, vegetables, tomatoes and potato dishes.

Gros sel de Noirmoutier: Brittany's finest coarse sea salt, culled from the ocean's frothy waters. It is an unrefined salt taken straight from the salt ponds on the island of Noirmoutier on the Atlantic coast of France. As a result the salt contains trace minerals which impart a grey hue (sometimes called ‘sel gris’). The Noirmoutier salts have some of the briniest flavors of the salt – you can taste the ocean with each crunch.

Smoked Maldon Sea Salt: The soft white flaky crystals of this famous sea salt are completely natural and free of artificial additives, giving Maldon Sea Salt a distinctive texture and salty flavor. Traditional smoking methods are used to gently cold smoke the salt crystals, ensuring a truly unique taste. This salt has a delicate smoky flavor, adding sophistication to dishes such as shellfish and meats.

Fleur de Sel with Rosemary and Sage: Fleur de sel from the Isle of Noirmoutier (off the coast of Brittany) is known for having high purity and solubility. This fleur de sel is blended with high quality aromatic rosemary and sage. Use as a rub on meats or sprinkle into a stew or cassoulet.

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Salt Sampler
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