Piment d'Espelette A.O.C. - 4oz pkg.


With origins in the Americas, the pepper Annuum L Gorria was successfully transplanted to the Basque region of France, and the tradition of drying the peppers took root. The fresh Espelette pepper has a length ranging between 7 and 14 cm. The pepper plants are sown in March and harvested by hand in August, or when the peppers are red on at least 80% of their surface. Immediately after harvest, the peppers are sorted by hand and only the quality peppers are used for the AOC product (AOC was granted in 2000).

The drying process involves threading at least 20 peppers by the stalk onto a cord which will then be laid out or hung to dry in a hot and ventilated location. During this phase, the peppers are dehydrated slowly and continue their maturation as they turn a deep red color. As they dry, the peppers develop their characteristic aroma and concentrated heat. Once sufficiently dried, the peppers will be crushed using techniques handed down for generations within each family.

This resulting pepper has an orange color with red flecks which gives a fruity perfume and a medium heat (4 on the Scoville scale).

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Piment d'Espelette A.O.C. - 4oz pkg.
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