Mac and Cheese Bundle

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There are few things that get us hustling to the dinner table as quickly as mac and cheese. Our staff members have a wide range of preferences for how they like to prepare this iconic dish. However, there are several themes that recur with frequency - a preference for a pasta shape that "catches the sauce," Parmigiano Reggiano, cheddar and Comté.

Accordingly, this bundle includes three of our mac and cheese favorites: a half pound each of Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, Marcel Petite Comté and a Parmigiano Reggiano from the Cravero family. Also included is a package of artisan Italian pasta and a container of Maras pepper, a Turkish classic. Maras pepper is not super spicy but deep, with a lovely fruitiness and its natural red color contrasts with the white creaminess of a cheese sauce. As a finishing touch, we tuck in a real winner of a mac and cheese recipe.

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Mac and Cheese Bundle
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