Raphael Peche de Vigne - 250g

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: France
Region: Brittany
City / Village: St. Coulomb

This preserve is made from a special peach that gets its name (peach of the vine) from the fact that it was traditionally grown alongside grape vines as a kind of early warning signal for the vigneron. As the peach is a more fragile fruit than the grapes, the peach would be first to exhibit signs of disease or infestation giving the vigneron time to protect his precious grapes.

The peach itself has a deep red skin that permeates into the flesh for a dramatic look. The flavors are typically more tart than other peach varieties which makes it better suited to preserves.

Produced By: Confitures de Raphael
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Raphael Peche de Vigne - 250g
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