Offset Cheese Knife Vecchio - Buffalo Horn

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This was the first Saladini cheese knife we fell in love with. It is a classic design that works with a variety of cheese styles.  The design is sturdy enough to work with hard cheeses, but the blade is thin enough to work with softer cheeses. The buffalo horn handle is offset to avoid pressing your knuckles into the surface of the cutting board. If we were to choose just one all-around cheese knife, this would be it!

Buffalo horn is a natural material and can vary in color from knife to knife. Generally, buffalo horn handles are solid black, but some will have some fine white coloration as well.

For more of the story behind Saladini, please visit

Coltelleria Saladini

While dining in Verona at I 12 Apostoli, we fell in love with the tableware and had to track it down. It turned out to be hand made by the craftsmen of the Saladini family in Scarperia just north of Florence.

This cutlery is some of the most beautiful you will find anywhere and while we have a wide selection of their knives available online, we have access to their entire catalog of products. If there is a particular knife that you know of and you don't see it here, just send us an Email and we will let you know when we can get it for you.

Scarperia is an ancient medeival village built by the Florentine Republic in the 14th century. It is known as "the town of knives" and justifiably so as the art of manufacturing fine knives has been ongoing since the village was first settled. Their knives use the highest quality stainless steel and natural materials such as ox horn, water buffalo horn and Tuscan olive wood for their handles.

If cared for properly, these knives will give years of pleasure. For best results, please hand wash only and dry shortly after washing.

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Offset Cheese Knife Vecchio - Buffalo Horn