Mast Brothers Chocolate, Coffee - 70g

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The Mast Brothers out of Brooklyn, New York have a devout following (ourselves included) thanks to their total commitment to every step from bean to bar. Their uniquely packaged, handcrafted chocolates are truly elegant.

Made using a base of 60% cacao that is roasted, cracked, winnowed, stone-ground and aged before being blended with sugar, cocoa butter, a touch of buttermilk powder and toasted coffee beans. This milky bite of caffeinated chocolate is sure to give your spirits a lift!

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Rick and Mike Mast carefully select the beans they will roast, winnow and transform into a variety of single origin chocolates - each wrapped in a unique and beautiful paper wrap designed by friends and family.

Based in Brooklyn, NY they are true artisans in that they work in tiny batches with meticulous care to preserve the indigenous flavors of their chocolate varieties.They work closely with estates like the Somia Plantation in Madagascar, La Red de Guaconejo in the northern highlands of the Dominican Republic and the ancient cocoa farms of the Venezuelan Caribbean coast.

As their website reads...

Craft chocolate depends on world-class execution. With artful roasting, careful winnowing, stone grinding, patient aging, and flawless tempering, truly one of a kind craft chocolate can be made - all done by simply using two ingredients, cacao and cane sugar. With craft this pure, there is no need to add any additional butter, oils, vanilla, soy, preservatives or emulsifiers.

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To keep this perishable product at its best, expedited shipping is required.

Mast Brothers Chocolate - Coffee

  • Mast Brothers Chocolate - Coffee