Lakritsfabriken Super Salty Licorice 40g

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On a trip to northern Europe, Ihsan and Valerie visited Stockholm and found a small treasure trove of unique and traditional Swedish delicacies. The licorice from Lakritsfabriken is one such product.

Most liquorice contains hydrogenated fats, gelatin and refined sugar to get the "right" taste and texture. This licorice is different and unique. Martin J├Ârgensen developed an original recipe with completely natural ingredients and based it on rice flour instead of wheat flour to make it suitable for gluten intolerant people.

This super salty licorice is made with 6% licorice root and has a nice soft and chewy texture. Salty licorice is typical in Sweden and if you've never had it, it is something worth trying!


Apart from holding the world record for the longest licorice, Swedish company Lakritsfabriken makes exceptional, traditional licorice (true licorice is black).

The company was founded by Martin in 2011 and the original flavors, Sweet and Salty were introduced at the Licorice Festival in Stockholm that same year. They instantly became a great success.

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Lakritsfabriken Super Salty Licorice 40g