La Vecchia Dispensa Organic Balsamic 250ml

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Located in Modena, Italy, La Vecchia Dispensa has been producing and aging world class balsamics for over four generations.  This vinegar is made using cooked grape must blended with aged wine vinegar - both from organic grapes. This is a rounded and dense vinegar with a decidedly sweet and tart flavor. Ideal for every day uses from dressings to sauces to drizzling over vegetables or meats. The beautiful bottle comes with a cork dropper to make sure every drop is appreciated. 

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La Vecchia Dispensa

From Castelvetro, Modena, Roberta Pelloni and her husband Marino are not only the owners of a popular restaurant in town, they are also the passion and the expertise behind the precious bottles of Balsamic vinegar they produce in an old building near the Piazza della Dama.

By fermenting the must of Trebbiano grapes in barrels of costly woods, Roberta is able the give us the agridolce (sweet and sour) taste and very pronounced fruits flavors such as prune and sour cherry in their vinegars.

The name Vecchia Dispensa is a reference to an old style pantry traditionally used to store the fruits of summer's warmth in order to survive the cold winter.

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La Vecchia Dispensa Organic Balsamic 250ml