Floriano Wild Rhododendron Honey - 400g

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From Apicoltura Floriano Turco in the town of Elva amidst the Italian Alps near the border with France. These honeys are true artisanal products where one man tends to his hives, collects the comb and produces some of the best varietal honeys we have tasted.

All of his honey is certified by BioCert for its adherence to sustainable agricultural standards (an EU designation comparable to the U.S. organic, but with much more stringent requirements).

This honey is made from the pollen of the rhododendron plant that grows high up in the Italian Alps such that it is often called "Rosa delle Alpi" or Rose of the Alps. This liquid honey is known for its light aroma and subtle flavors. This is one of the more difficult varietal honeys to make as the areas where the rhododendron grow can be difficult to access and the blooms are often available only in late June through July. Even more important to the artisan producer is not allowing the hives to remain for too long in the area as if any other pollen is allowed to contaminate that of the rhododendron, it will risk masking the beautiful subtlety of the rhododendron. For these reasons, this is a rare honey to find in the monovarietal format.

Apicoltura Turco Floriano

On one of his annual trips to the Piedmont region of Italy, Ihsan visited with several of our old friends, including Matteo Ascheri.

As is often the case, Matteo introduced us to a couple of wonderful honey producers from the region: Dario Pozzolo and Floriano Turco.

The Italian Alps near the border with France are where Floriano brings his hives to collect the pollen from a variety of blossoms including rhododendron, acacia, tiglio (linden), ailanto (ailanthus), castagno (chestnut), tarassaco (dandelion), and melata di bosco.

The label on each jar shows a the beautiful European Bee-eater or Gruccione in Italy perched next to a honey bee. Floriano chose this design as a representation of the important symbiosis of the predator in the bird and the honey producer in the bee.

Floriano takes pride in his sustainable approaches to his honey harvesting and all of his honeys are certified "biologica".

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Floriano Wild Rhododendron Honey - 400g