Alziari Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml tin

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To be honest, what first drew us to this oil was the eye-popping tin. But then we tasted the oil, which is a bright first cold pressing of the tiny nicoise olive, this extra virgin oil is fruity and fresh and absolutely delicious. Best when used raw, drizzled over grilled vegetable or fish, or used on a salad.


The Alziari mill was built in 1868 on a former mill’s ruins. When it was first constructed, it was in the middle of the country and since then, the vity of Nice has grown up around it.

Alziari produces their olive oil using a traditional method called “Genoese” where the olives are ground for two to three hours at which point, the stone pond is filled with cold water and the oil that comes up to the surface is immediately taken out to be settled. The pulp is put into “scurtins” (a basket made out of coconut fiber) and squeezed to release the remaining oil. The resulting oils are smooth in character with a clean, ripe olive flavor.

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Alziari Provence Olive Oil

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