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If you walk through our store, you'll start to get a sense of the products we obsess about. You see it with our cheese, our chocolate our tea and certainly with our honey. At any one time, we have more than twenty varieties of honey on our shelves. We source our honey directly from producers in Italy, France, Austria and the U.S.

Tasting varietal honey is a revelation. From light colored, free-flowing acacia to crystallized and spreadable lavender to deeply flavored chestnut, each type offers unique textures and flavors that set the world of honey on a plane far from that of the plastic squeeze bear.

With this sampler, we send you four types of honey that demonstrate a bit of the variety we have in our shop. Some will work well with your afternoon tea, others will work beautifully paired with a rustic goat cheese and others you'll want to eat slathered over a hot buttered slice of toasted pain levain.
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