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Our Top 5 “Don’t Miss” Holiday Picks

Rabbit Pâté

Rabbit Pâté

We have already shared a few of our top picks for gifts this season. However, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself. Here are five “don’t miss” goodies that we think you will enjoy!

Robiola di Capra CastagnaRobiola di Capra in Foglie di Castagna – This is a very special cheese. Made purely with goat’s milk, it is a Piedmontese robiola wrapped and aged in chestnut leaves. When young, the cheese has a thick, cakey texture similar to a young chevre, but with a beautiful richness of flavor. As it ages, the cheese starts to mellow and through contact with the leaves, it develops an almost wine-like aroma and flavor. This is one of our favorite party cheeses as the leaves can be opened up and used as a natural frame for the cheese.

Rabbit Pâté – Our charcutière, Julie, makes a wide range of delicious goodies with humanely-raised meats. However, it is her Rabbit Pâté that has been garnering all sorts of attention this year – currently a finalist in the Good Food Awards, it was also recently featured in Bon Appétit. Studded with pistachios, it looks lovely on any charcuterie plate.

chocolate covered figs from Maglio

Maglio Fichi – To make these delectable treats, dried cilento figs are carefully split open and hand-stuffed with thin slivers of candied lemon peel and almond. Each fig is then enrobed in a thick coating of Maglio’s exquisite dark chocolate. One of these fichi is a perfect finale to your holiday meal – perhaps with a glass of vin santo!

Antonia's Old Fashioned Mustard

Antonia’s Old Fashioned Mustard – Much anticipated by staff members, this mustard arrived in our shop for the first time just before Thanksgiving. Made in the Netherlands by Margreet and Harold Knobben, it is a small-batch, wholegrain mustard. Perfect for use on sandwiches, blended into a salad dressing, alongside roasted meats or paired with Julie’s Rabbit Pâté and a few cornichons. A great all-rounder!

Bottega delle Api LimoneBottega delle Api Limone Honey – In a taste test, Ed Behr and his team at The Art of Eating chose this honey from among forty – it was “the favorite of every taster.” We agree that it is exceptional. Made from the nectar of lemon blossoms found in groves scattered along the Amalfi Coastline, it pairs beautifully with cheese, including Robiola di Capra in Foglie di Castagna.

  • Just bought the rabbit pate for the first time, but have a dumb question – do you eat the aspic layer or all the somewhat stringy outer coating?

    • Not a dumb question at all! The aspic is entirely optional – some folks like it, some folks don’t – for the most part, it seems to be about whether one likes the jelly-like texture. This particular aspic is flavored with Madeira in order to complement the flavor of the pâté. As for the outer coating – that’s actually a layer of Prosciutto di Parma. Julie wraps each loaf of pâté in the prosciutto and again, it’s totally optional but we recommend giving it a try – most of us here love that extra layer of porky deliciousness! Hope that helps and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions! Enjoy!