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In the Mood for Love…

Coeur de Formaggio

This afternoon in the shop, we snapped a few photos of the Valentine’s Day prep that is going on in each department!

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Bounty on the candy tree!

A customer came in a couple of days ago and was inquiring about the chocolate dipped strawberries that the produce department (in cooperation with the bakery) puts out every year!  At the moment, they are front and center on the produce side….  Nearby is the “candy tree” with its bags of red hots, jelly beans and conversation hearts…

Sugar cookies

In the bakery, our head baker has out heart-shaped sugar cookies sprinkled with red and pink sugar, large shortbread hearts and the chocolate display is overflowing with heart-shaped goodies…

Shortbread hearts

In the bakery, the cake case is filled with heart shaped cakes and cakes frosted with a delicate pink icing…  Beautiful crystallized roses are available to garnish the cakes for an added Valentine’s Day flourish…

Crystallized roses

The other thing that caught our eye were the French macarons…  Given five stars by Boston Magazine, the raspberry and chocolate are particularly suitable for Valentine’s Day…

French macarons

Staffers who aren’t always keen on raspberry still find these hard to resist!  Perhaps it is the perfect balance between the sweetness of the cookie and the slight tartness of the raspberry jam?

Bubblies and creamy cheeses!

On the cheese side, there is a big collection of bubblies and deliciously creamy cheeses that can handle the dryness of sparkling wines: Brillat Savarin, La Tur, Mothaise sur Feuille

Valentine's chocolates

In addition to working well with champagne, these cheeses are great for Valentine’s Day because, given their creaminess, they serve as good precursors to a chocolatey dessert.

Also on the cheese side are Coeur de Formaggio (see above)!  The Coeur de Formaggio is a house specialty – a goats’ milk cheese, formed into a heart shape and topped with pink peppercorns and one of the crystallized roses!  Aww….