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Spring is Here. Drink Beer.

Peak Organic, based on Portland, ME is a relatively young brewery, having started operations in the ’90s. Jon Cadoux, the brewer behind the company, began with the goal of developing something tasty while striving at the same time for sustainability. Even in the early days, he tried to source as many of his ingredients from Continue Reading »

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A Toast to St. Patrick and Henry Knox

Beer, to me, is a story in a bottle. It develops over time, it encourages you to think and it teaches you something about yourself and your palate. As a beer buyer at our fancy little food store, St. Patrick’s Day is not all that different from any other day, honestly. There isn’t a lot of great beer coming out of Ireland not called Guinness or Murphy’s, although the craft brewing revolution, though small and new, is at least alive and well. Although we can’t yet source Irish craft beers in the States, here are a few domestic St. Patrick’s Day recommendations.

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A Visit with the Erbs: Landaff Cheese

Cheese is a recent addition to the roster for the Erbs. They started making Landaff in 2008 after Doug apprenticed at Westcombe Farms in Somerset, England, making Caerphilly according to Chris Duckett’s original recipe. Landaff is modeled after that Welsh classic but is a beast of its own – like Caerphilly, it is earthy and delicious but Landaff generally tends to be creamier in texture.

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In Wisconsin: Rush Creek, Buttercream Frosting and Rotational Grazing

The highlight of my trip was tasting the newest cheese to come out of Wisconsin. For the past 10 years, Uplands Cheese has only made Pleasant Ridge and Pleasant Ridge Reserve, cheeses in the style of the classic French, Alpine cheese, Beaufort d’Alpage. Their new cheese, Rush Creek, is made in the style of Vacherin Mont d’Or.

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Cheese, Beer + BBQ: A Memorable Day at the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

Our destination was the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival, a gathering of about 50 local cheesemakers, 30 breweries and wineries, and a host of other food artisans making everything from mustard to nougat. The event, in its second year, was held last Sunday at the breathtakingly lovely Shelburne Farms estate outside of Burlington, and this year we organized a bus to bring our customers to the festival — a first-of-its-kind trip for Formaggio Kitchen.

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A-Whey We Go!

On a recent trip to Jasper Hill Farm, I had the distinct pleasure not only of tasting many delicious cheeses made and aged here in New England, but also of getting acquainted with some inhabitants of the farm who happen to be just as fond of dairy products — or by-products as the case may be — as I am.

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The American Chocolate Revolution

Though we may think of Europe as the epicenter of fine chocolate, America is arguably home to the world’s most exciting community of up-and-coming chocolate makers.

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A Continuing Education in Coffee

“Unwashed” coffee beans in Ethiopia

It was only when I started working at Formaggio Kitchen that I began to take my daily morning ritual more seriously. We carry beans from several talented roasters, and brew coffee from George Howell’s Terroir Coffee Company for our customers every day.

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Will Travel for Beer

You’ll catch a lot of us on the staff stopping by local beer tastings, seeking out new and hard-to-find bottles, and regularly checking out (and sampling) the rotating taps at our favorite Boston-area bars. A few of us also brew our own beer – recent undertakings have included a clone of Stone Ruination IPA, and a beer brewed with fresh cranberries that somehow ended up measuring a whopping 2% ABV (we lovingly call this one “Granny Cran”).