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Tim’s Travel to Cibus: A Tour of Prosciutto Supplier Pio Tosini

First of all, what is Cibus? Pronounced ‘chee-buhs,’ this international food show exhibition held in Italy is a key event on Formaggio Kitchen’s calendar. Typically, the full scale Cibus fair takes place every other year and can fill up to eight warehouses with producers from a variety of food industries. These include everything from meats to Continue Reading »

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Pio Tosini: A Family Tradition of Prosciutto di Parma

Prosciutto di Parma is a DOP product – this means that in order to receive that name, the prosciutto must come from a specified geographic area (in this case, Parma) and must be made in accordance with certain parameters.

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A-Whey We Go!

On a recent trip to Jasper Hill Farm, I had the distinct pleasure not only of tasting many delicious cheeses made and aged here in New England, but also of getting acquainted with some inhabitants of the farm who happen to be just as fond of dairy products — or by-products as the case may be — as I am.