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Rabbit Pâté: The Sum of Its Parts

Our house-made Rabbit Pâté would be a strong contender for the top of my “favorites” list. Wrapped in rose-hued Prosciutto di Parma and encased in amber-colored Madeira aspic, this pâté is our most intricate and, in my opinion, visually appealing.

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Charcuterie: Pâté Grand-mère, Pork Butts and Secret Tricks

When I first signed on as the charcutière at Formaggio Kitchen, I was excited to work with meat. “What does the position entail?” I asked Ihsan, the shop’s owner. “You’ll be making sausages, curing meat, breaking down whole pigs and rabbits. Stuff like that,” he said. “And pâtés. Lots of pâtés.” That stopped me in my tracks. Sausages, great. Butchery, no problem. How hard can meat curing be? But pâtés? This was another story.

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Formaggio Kitchen Housemade Charcuterie

Julie makes a variety of fresh, cured and cooked charcuterie for our shop. We sell them throughout the year, but her recipes vary as the seasons change. We sell her bacon, pancetta, fresh sausages, rillettes and pates along with a number of other specialty items.

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Staff Charcuterie Tasting: YUM!

Julie, our brilliant in-house charcutière, took staff members on a tour of some of the different products she makes. This involved a lot of delicious eating (and drinking!) as well as some serious discussion.