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A Seasonal Cheese Plate

For many, Easter and Passover confirm that spring has truly arrived. Here at the shop, spring means we can prop the front doors open, visit more local farms and it means an increase in our supply of fresh goat milk cheeses.

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Washed-Rind Cheeses (aka “The Stinkers”)

Washed-rind cheese are one of my favorite categories of cheese. Yes, they can really be very stinky, but it is that bacteria that also develops what I think are some of the most delicious rinds (and cheeses) out there.

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Winter Comfort Food: Tartiflette

Last weekend, Kurt and I taught a class on mountain cheeses, featuring classics like Gruyère and Comté. We also talked about Reblochon, the pungent, creamy cheese traditionally used to make tartiflette, a hearty Savoyard dish of potatoes, bacon and cheese that we also served at the class.