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A Touch of Inspiration: Visiting Mt. Mansfield Creamery

I recently had the great fortune to visit with Stan Biasini and his family at Mt. Mansfield Creamery in Morristown, Vermont. I arrived bright and early, just as Stan was pooling the milk from the morning milking into a heating vat to begin making his cheese: Inspiration.

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The Cellars at Jasper Hill: Researching for Our Cheese Caves

Some weeks ago, I made an immensely informative and inspiring trip to Jasper Hill Farm and The Cellars at Jasper Hill in Greensboro, Vermont. The Jasper Hill enterprise was started by two brothers, Andy and Mateo Kehler. The determination that they have towards revolutionizing and solidifying the cheese-making industry in their state and in this country is unmatched in its political, scientific, and pastoral fervor.

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A Visit with the Erbs: Landaff Cheese

Cheese is a recent addition to the roster for the Erbs. They started making Landaff in 2008 after Doug apprenticed at Westcombe Farms in Somerset, England, making Caerphilly according to Chris Duckett’s original recipe. Landaff is modeled after that Welsh classic but is a beast of its own – like Caerphilly, it is earthy and delicious but Landaff generally tends to be creamier in texture.

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Cheese, Beer + BBQ: A Memorable Day at the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

Our destination was the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival, a gathering of about 50 local cheesemakers, 30 breweries and wineries, and a host of other food artisans making everything from mustard to nougat. The event, in its second year, was held last Sunday at the breathtakingly lovely Shelburne Farms estate outside of Burlington, and this year we organized a bus to bring our customers to the festival — a first-of-its-kind trip for Formaggio Kitchen.