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A Traditional Cup of Tea, on Ice

When I think of “iced tea” what usually comes to mind is something fruit flavored, like “mango passion,” or a glass of Southern sweet tea, or maybe an iced chai latte from somewhere like Starbucks, but last summer I had my tea world turned upside down with a sip of one of Ippodo’s remarkable high Continue Reading »

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Fine Teas from China: Introducing Tranquil Tuesdays

Tranquil Tuesdays has an extremely small selection of tea – only 7 different offerings. Charlene personally selects the highest quality Chinese teas, including white tea, oolong, green tea and black tea.

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Please, Put the Kettle On!

A cup of hot tea has always been something of a rallying cry in my family – over the summer, iced tea prevails, generally garnished with fresh slices of orange. In winter time, however, hot tea reigns supreme, usually accompanied by a piece of shortbread, a ginger cookie or a slice of fruit cake.